Web Automation

Learn how to build automation cases for websites, web applications, and mobile web pages.
Web automation with LEAPWORK is based on the powerful Selenium framework for browser automation but does not require coding skills.

Introductory lessons

The videos in this section will introduce you to Web Automation on the LEAPWORK automation platform.
Take 1-2 at a time and try it out on your own web application.


1. Introduction to web automation

Learn how to create web automation cases, how to use the Selenium-based building blocks, and more.


2. Scheduling web automation cases

Learn how to define environments for remote execution, how to create schedules for running cases in remote environments, and more.


3. Working with the web strategy editor, pt. I

This lesson covers: what is a locator strategy; when and how to use the strategy editor; how to set search conditions, and more.


4. Working with the web strategy editor, pt. II

Go further with the strategy editor for web and learn how to capture hidden elements and lists elements, and more.


5. Mobile web automation

Learn how to automate a mobile website by designing automation cases locally and then run them in the cloud.

Additional training

Get more information about how to setup a Selenium Grid as part of your LEAPWORK installation, or dive into solutions for specific web-related testing issues.


Setting up a Selenium Grid

Understand how a Selenium Grid works and learn how to set up automation cases with LEAPWORK and run them on the Selenium Grid.

Solving common web automation challenges

29 examples of common web elements and functionalities - and how to automate them.

Use cases

Get inspiration on how to use the LEAPWORK with your web-based standard applications: MS Dynamics CRM, SalesForce, ServiceNow and Sitecore.


Automating Dynamics CRM

Watch this example of how to automate MS Dynamics CRM using the standard web automation in LEAPWORK.


Automating Salesforce

Watch how easy it is to automate the creation of a new lead in SalesForce using the standard Web Automation in LEAPWORK.


Automating Salesforce dynamically using Excel

This video shows how to use an external data source - MS Excel - to drive data into a Web Automation case.


Automating ServiceNow

ServiceNow is all web-based and is a fantastic fit with LEAPWORK. See the examples in the video.


Automating Sitecore

Sitecore is a top-level CMS systems allowing heavy customization. Watch the example covering both the administrator and the public web site.