Automate Virtual Desktops

Learn how to automate virtual desktop applications with Leapwork. These tutorials cover Citrix and Remote Desktop applications, mainframe terminals, and more.

1. Introduction to virtual desktop automation

Learn about the basics of virtual desktop automation, and when you should use this automation approach.

2. Using image recognition in virtual automation

Be introduced to an essential tool in virtual desktop automation: Image recognition.

3. Text and numbers in virtual automation

Reading data, in the form of text and numbers, in virtual desktop automation is enabled by text recognition, or OCR.

4. Clicking elements in virtual automation

Learn about how to click texts and elements when automating virtual desktop applications.

5. Driving mouse actions in virtual automation

You can any automate mouse action as part of your automation flow to emulate user behavior.

6. Driving keyboard actions

Automating keyboard operations is very helpful when working with virtual desktop applications.

7. Positions and Areas in Virtual Automation

Understanding element positions and areas is essential to working effectively with text and image recognition.

Best Practices for Text and Image Recognition

This article presents solutions for tackling some of the challenges inherent to image and text recognition.

Virtual desktop automation: Use cases

Automating Forms and Fields on Virtual Desktops

Learn how to fill a form with data-driven automation in a virtual desktop application.

Automating Dropdown Menus on Virtual Desktops

It requires a three-step operation to automate the selecting of items in a dropdown on virtual desktops.

Numbers and Variables in Virtual Automation

Reading and working with numbers is an important part of automating virtual desktop applications.

Automating Login Forms on Virtual Desktops

A login process is a good automation showcase, because it includes field handling and clicking on form elements.

Solve Text Recognition Challenges with Clipboard

Learn to use Windows Clipboard for handling challenging text recognition scenarios in virtual desktop automation.

Use Clipboard to Input Text in Automation Flows

Learn how to drive automation of virtual desktop applications with text input from Windows Clipboard.