Automating Regression Testing with Leapwork

Recording from June 25 2020

Duration: 1h

Learn how to run your entire regression suite automatically after every build.

In this session we will talk about key concepts and principles of regression testing followed by a practical demonstration of these concepts using Leapwork.

Why join this webinar?

bullet_red_arrowDesign no-code automation to test your own applications

bullet_red_arrowIncrease efficiency with data-driven automation

bullet_red_arrowExtend the scope and depth by automating tests across technologies

bullet_red_arrowEasily document processes and deliver solid evidence with reporting capabilities



Host: Sune Engsig

Senior Evangelist at Leapwork

Sune Engsig has more than 20 years of experience working with business and process development as well as IT architecture for enterprises. In addition, he has extensive project management experience from both government and the telecoms industry. He is driven by a mission to find ways for businesses to extend their capabilities with the help of technology

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