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Automated Testing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Maria Homann

Maria Homann

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business Central works as the silent engine for companies around the world to streamline critical processes like order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, asset management, and financial planning. Learn how to ensure efficient testing with test automation built for Business Central in this blog post.

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The challenge of manually testing Business Central

Test automation: the effective solution

Leapwork: Test automation for Dynamics 365 Business Central

The challenge of manually testing Business Central

Businesses typically customize and integrate the application across the software landscape to tailor and drive these processes end to end.

However, ensuring that these customizations and integrations function correctly before each release can be a major challenge. The frequent updates to Dynamics 365 only enhance this issue, significantly increasing the workload for quality assurance teams.

The traditional approach to this problem, manual testing, isn’t a sustainable strategy. It's incredibly time-consuming, making it virtually impossible to achieve full test coverage while keeping up with the rapid release cycles of D365. Moreover, the complexity of testing customized and integrated systems demands a more sophisticated solution than manual methods can provide.

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Test automation: the effective solution

This is where Dynamics 365 test automation comes into play as an essential tool. Skip to the next section if you’re already convinced.

Unlike manual testing, automated testing can efficiently handle the repetitive and detailed tasks involved in ensuring software quality. This shift from manual to automated testing is not just about saving time; it's about enhancing accuracy and reliability. Automated tests can be run more frequently and consistently, ensuring that even minor changes in the application are tested thoroughly.

Download guide how to automate dynamics 365 testing

However, not all test automation solutions are equal. Why?

First, most test automation requires extensive developer resources and is often high-maintenance.

Second, application-specific automation tools fail to address the end-to-end business processes that span different technologies. Your Business Central application is most likely integrated with other applications and customized to drive unique, critical processes in your businesses.

Businesses using Dynamics 365 for Business Central need a robust, scalable, and versatile test automation solution.

Leapwork: Test automation for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Leapwork is a strategic Microsoft partner, and comes recommended by Microsoft.

Microsoft recommends Leapwork for Dynamics 365 testing due to its unique, code-free approach and end-to-end testing capabilities.

Here’s why:

Automate end-to-end for comprehensive coverage

Leapwork isn’t limited to Dynamics 365 Business Central; it extends its capabilities across various technologies. With its cross-tech capabilities, Leapwork ensures that your business processes are seamlessly automated from end to end. This feature is crucial for businesses that rely on a mix of legacy, packaged, and home-grown web applications.

Easy to use, easy to maintain

One of the standout features of Leapwork is its ease of use and low maintenance requirement. Leapwork is equipped with pre-built intelligent adaptors specifically designed for the complex and dynamic DOMs of D365 Business Central. This capability enables the generation of robust test cases at speed while keeping maintenance minimal.

In conclusion, Leapwork's visual test automation platform changes the game for businesses approaching testing in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive coverage, and low-maintenance technology make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to ensure continuity and quality in their Dynamics 365-driven processes.

Learn more in our solution brief: Leapwork test automation for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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