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Salesforce Test Automation Tools: Selenium vs. Leapwork Comparison

Maria Homann

Maria Homann

Can you use Selenium as a test automation tool for Salesforce? If you are considering using Selenium to test Salesforce, or if you’ve already chosen Selenium but you’ve subsequently found that it doesn’t meet your needs, you’ve come to the right place.

When looking for a tool to test Salesforce you will probably come across quite a few options. Some are open-source and free, others are licensed. Some are code-based, others are low-code or no-code. So what should you choose? Which is the best Salesforce test automation tool for your team or business?

Many people select Selenium test automation to start with because it is free. Many also realize, however, that it's difficult to maintain and scale over time because it's code-based.

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In this Salesforce automation whitepaper, you'll get a complete overview of what you can expect from Selenium. We compare it to Leapwork - a no-code Salesforce automation tool alternative - in terms of usability, adoption, documentation, governance, test execution, and integrations.

Use the whitepaper and comparison chart to learn if Selenium is the best Salesforce automation tool for you, and to learn why Leapwork can help you build test automation that's easy to use, maintain and scale.

Download the Salesforce test automation whitepaper with a tool comparison chart here

Salesforce selenium comparison checklist