How to Optimize Software Testing Resources

Claus Topholt

CPO and co-founder of Leapwork

Automated functional testing and live monitoring of business-critical desktop and web applications built with technologies such as SAP, Microsoft .NET, Salesforce, ServiceNow, WordPress, and many others is a considerable challenge for traditional, code-based test automation tools.

Getting started with test automation often presents testers with a learning curve that's almost impossible to climb.

It not only requires building up a sophisticated understanding of the technology, code frameworks and development methods used to build the applications to be tested. It also requires learning either a proprietary scripting language or having professional experience with a programming language such as C#, Java or Python.

And even after all that, it still takes time to build up proficiency in the automation tool chosen for the task.


skills required for automation

At Leapwork, we think almost everything about that whole process is just wrong, and we're working hard to do something about it.

Leapwork is our answer, and it works in a completely different way. Test automation cases are built as visual flowcharts by connecting easy-to-use building blocks in our visual designer tool called Studio.

You can capture anything on screen and insert it into a case with one click. It’s very intuitive to work with, requires no technical knowledge, and it's lightning fast.

By looking at the entire screen, including anything shown in a web browser, in a desktop application or rendered inside a Citrix window, and by performing advanced image and text recognition (IR and OCR), we can automate any application with Leapwork.

There’s no proprietary scripting language and no technical IDE such as Visual Studio or Eclipse to teach your testers.

There are no XPath codes to spend hours handcrafting, nor are there any HTML or Javascript tricks to memorize.

Instead, Leapwork offers you powerful building blocks for all the common tasks needed to automate any application, such as moving the mouse around, clicking on text and images, typing on the keyboard and reading things like text and numbers from the screen.

LEAPWORK is easy to use

Testers can focus on the important things:

  • Being ambassadors for the end-users of the application being tester
  • Using their skills to translate business requirements into relevant test cases
  • Automate where it makes sense and performing exploratory work in other places

That way, testers can stay focused on the requirements and eliminate weeks or even months of nonsense from a project’s delivery schedule.

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