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For competitive reasons, the client has decided to participate anonymously in this story. Should you decide to go through the sales cycle with LEAPWORK, we are able to provide a reference call.

At a major American health care provider, they use more than 2,000 custom and off-the-shelf software applications across the organization. 25 of these have been identified as being highly critical to the company’s daily operations.

“It’s imperative that these systems work. If they don’t, it’s crisis mode,” said Gerrard Kimball, QA Program Manager of the health care provider’s Enterprise IT department. The tier-one applications are highly critical to the experience and safety of patients serviced and include electronic health records and other tools for patient tracking.

Using the LEAPWORK Automation Platform, Gerrard and his team have set up flows to monitor the applications for system status and the time it takes to perform certain tasks in the system.

The tests are run on remote machines, or “headless canaries”, located in various locations throughout the organization. The machines contain a production environment on which the tests are run.

This allows for the monitoring to take place in an environment that is as close to real user scenario as possible. If any of the test cases set up with LEAPWORK fails, a ‘system down’ alert is automatically sent to the person responsible.

Before using LEAPWORK, monitoring had to be done manually by subject matter experts, like clinical informatics specialists and physician educators.

Now, Gerrard and the team have automated approximately 30 of these workflows per application, and all the performance data is exported to the organization’s business intelligence platform, where they are displayed in customized dashboards.

The management of the Enterprise IT department have set up yearly goals for system performance, and with the reports from LEAPWORK and the BI dashboards, it is easy to track the progress on these goals.

Gerrard and the team are doing a gradual roll-out of automation in their organization. They have spent approximately a year automating the monitoring of 11 tier one applications, and with LEAPWORK they are now able to work at a pace of automating one application per month.

Test cases are created in minutes and we are able to re-use flows and data


For now, Gerrard and his team have been able to set up the automated monitoring just the three of them. But in time, the plan is for subject matter experts to be able to set up automation cases on their own.

"LEAPWORK really can be used by anyone. It's true," said Gerrard.


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About the customer

  • American company
  • Health care provider
  • More than 2,000 applications

Key achievements

  • 250 test cases automated in less than a month
  • 11 tier-one applications automated
  • 1 application automated per month

“LEAPWORK really can be used by anyone. It's true."

Gerrard Kimball,
QA Program Manager


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