Leapwork Customer Success Story

Insurance Company Automates Regression Suite in Days to Boost Test Coverage

For competitive reasons, the client has decided to participate anonymously in this story. Should you decide to go through the sales cycle with Leapwork, we are able to provide a reference call.

With three different brand websites and a combined traffic of more than a million visitors per year, testing the online user journey is of critical importance to this large insurance company that has been a Leapwork client since 2017.

Each of the insurance company’s websites has a ‘My account’ section and an online shop for requesting policy quotes. One of the people responsible for testing that these applications work is Rob. He works as Tester in the Digital Solutions department of the business’ IT organization. Digital Solutions develops and implements the company’s customer-facing applications.


Lowering the barrier

Previously, testing all the functionalities of the online self-service applications was a completely manual job. Rob realized there was a need for reducing the amount of repetitive work, “this approach just wasn’t agile.”

The Leapwork Automation Platform was the only tool he had met that offered an easy way to get started with automated testing.

The software company was specifically looking to automate three back-office processes: The unlocking of new online customer accounts, the verification of employees’ travel expense reports, and the sending of reports to authorities in relation to the vendor’s salary services.

“For me, a non-programmer who don’t necessarily know the details of the technology underlying the website I’m testing, Leapwork is just great,” Rob said.

"It took me half an hour to understand the basics of Leapwork. It’s brilliant. Besides that, when needed, I got help from Leapwork’s great support team"


Within 14 days of purchase, Rob was ready to begin building his test cases, and within two months, half of his regression tests were automated. The other half was intentionally left to manual testing.


Extended quality assurance

For every weekly release, Rob can now run his automated test cases with a single click. A complete run of all cases takes approximately 25 minutes. When new cases are added to the regression suite, for example when new functionalities are introduced, it usually takes him a couple of hours to automate the new tests with Leapwork.

The Digital Solutions team also relies on Leapwork to run the automated regression suite across the release pipeline, that is, in preproduction and production environments as well. This perfectly supports the company’s agile approach to application development.

By implementing automated testing with Leapwork, Rob and his colleagues have freed up manual resources to extend the coverage of their application testing.

“We now have the time to test nooks and corners that weren’t prioritized previously,” Rob said.



Rob has found that the need for maintenance of his automated test cases is kept to an absolute minimum. He does check in on his cases in Leapwork a couple of times each week, but this is mostly to further optimize the flows. Figuring things out on his own and tinkering with the automated tests to continuously find ways to work even smarter, have been of great advantage to Rob and the team.

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About the customer

  • Insurance company
  • 3 different brand websites
  • More than 1 million website visitors per year

Key achievements

  • 50% of regression tests automated in less than 2 months
  • 25 minutes of execution time for automated tests
  • Less than 2 hours spent on automating new tests

“With Leapwork, I have never had the feeling that something wasn't doable. Whatever the goal is, I'm always able to find a way there.


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