Leapwork Customer Success Story

Global private bank reduces risk and increases agility, with automation from Leapwork

Specialist bank, Investec, automate 95% of their regression suite and embed Leapwork into their CI/CD pipeline to reduce risk across the organization and deliver 3x faster time to market.


Investec are a specialist bank and wealth manager, providing private banking, corporate and investment banking, as well as wealth and investment services for high net worth individuals across the globe.

For Investec, it was essential to increase the capacity of the digital banking offering to meet market need and implement a strategic framework for sustainable, scalable automation that would accelerate delivery and mitigate risk at scale.

The initiative began with the introduction of test automation for the core banking platform serving Investec's mortgages arm.


As is the case across the banking sector, Investec operates a complex IT landscape that includes a combination of legacy systems and newer web-based technologies. This made it a resource-intensive and challenging task to ensure test coverage.  Indeed, with risk mitigation critical, manual testing was taking 3-4 weeks for every feature release, which acted as a barrier to business agility. 


Investec have now deployed Leapwork to test multiple technologies, including the core mortgages platform and web-based applications. 

To support continuous delivery, Leapwork is now integrated into Investec's CI/CD pipeline.

With Leapwork, business users have been able to build UI automated tests quickly, alleviating pressure on development teams and removing bottlenecks.

Business impact

Test execution is now 20% quicker and can run 24/7, as opposed to manual execution which could only take place 8 hours per day for 5 days a week. As a result, productivity has soared and risk has dropped. 

With the regression suite fully automated, Investec have experienced a 3-4 x faster time to market. For Investec's Head of Lending Technology, David Pound, "the ROI is a no-brainer". 

No-code test automation webinar

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About the customer

  • Industry: Banking
  • 10,000 employees
  • Providing private banking, corporate and investment banking, and wealth and investment services for high net worth individuals.  

Technologies automated

  • New core banking platform for mortgages arm

  • Automation across multiple technologies, including web and WinForms 

  • Regression testing suite

Key achievements

  • 95% automated regression tests
  • Tests execution 20% quicker and run 24/7 
  • 3-4x faster time to market

“The ROI is a no brainer"

David Pound

Head of Lending Technology

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