Leapwork Customer Success Story

Insurer Implements Company-Wide Automation for Increased Productivity and Shorter Release Cycles

GF Forsikring eliminated testing bottlenecks within a year of introducing Leapwork's test automation platform. After previous attempts at automating with code-based tools, QA found no-code to be the fastest path to success - a path that today allows them to deliver quality at speed.

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The Danish insurance company, GF Forsikring, relies on a series of technologies to deliver their digital services, from customer-facing self-service applications to core business systems. 

Assuring quality through rigorous testing of these platforms is essential in connection with system updates, but proved to be a significant challenge to IT Architect Claes-Jan Wolff and his team, prior to the introduction of Leapwork; tedious, time-consuming regression tests were taking up too much time and creating bottlenecks in the release cycle.

“Testing had become a slow, burdensome process for us,” said Wolff. He knew that automation was a part of the solution, so he was looking for an automation tool that could support faster releases. He was specifically looking for a testing tool with a short learning curve that would fit with the SCRUM team’s three-week sprints.

The team had previously tried out various tools for test automation without much success. The tools took too long to learn and required too much maintenance. As a result, the time spent on automating superseded the time saved from eliminating manual testing. “Maintaining our test cases was a nightmare,” Wolff said. These solutions simply weren’t sustainable.

In addition to ease-of-use, an important criteria for the testing tool was cross-platform functionality. Wolff and his team were looking to automate several technologies:

  1. A desktop-based end-to-end insurance management system, built on Oracle Forms, for policy management, claims, accounting, etc. This system is used by more than 400 people daily.

  2. Web applications for e.g. insurance price comparison, based on C# and Sitecore.

  3. Cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  4. Integrations with public sector services, e.g. an online insurance guide.

The desktop-based insurance management system in particular was a pain. It was an older system that had been through heavy customization making it a challenge to test with conventional automation approaches. 


Leapwork’s no-code automation platform was chosen to test GF Forsikring’s IT landscape due to its ease of use and cross-technology capabilities.

Within a year of implementing the new platform, Wolff and his team had automated regression tests for the most critical business applications. “Learning to use Leapwork went really fast,” Wolff said. “Our testers have very different professional profiles, but all of them can use Leapwork without assistance.”

Now, the team is able to run their regression tests once a day with parallel automation agents that test in up to 10 test environments simultaneously. This means the software is tested rigorously before every release, giving Wolff and his team greater confidence in the quality. “We are very excited about Leapwork. We’ve achieved a level of test coverage that’s not possible with alternative tools in the market.”


As a result of implementing Leapwork’s automation platform, GF Forsikring improved their release cycles on several fronts: 

  • Release cycles have been shortened from 8 to 3 weeks. The SCRUM teams can now live up to their objective of “failing fast” and spend less time fixing bugs. 

  • 95% of regression tests for their business-critical insurance management system are now automated.

  • Building new automated test cases takes less than a day.

  • Combined, testers across the SCRUM teams spend a few days a week working with automated test cases, and during sprints they have freed up a lot of time to do other tasks than regression tests.

  • Management at the company are satisfied with the increase in product features and the decrease in bugs.

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About the customer

Insurance company, GF Forsikring, with more than 250,000 customers and 500 employees.

Technologies automated

  • Insurance management system, based on Oracle Forms.
  • Web applications based on C# and Sitecore.
  • Cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Integrations with public sector services.

Key achievements

  • The Leapwork test execution agents do the work of 1 full-time equivalent.
  • Release cycles are shortened from 8 to 3 weeks. 
  • With Leapwork, GF Forsikring can achieve up to 95% regression test coverage of their business-critical insurance management system.

“We are very excited about Leapwork. We’ve achieved a level of test coverage that’s not possible with alternative tools in the market.

Claes-Jan Wolff,
IT Architect

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