Customer Use Case

Fortune500 fintech organization automates testing for its core banking systems

  • Java Java
  • Software COBOL
  • Desktop Desktop
  • Banking and Finance-1 Financial services
Automation type
  • Regression Testing Regression testing


Key Results

  • 700 tests run every weekend, with 0 human time required
  • From 0 to 60% of tests fully automated
  • Remarkable uptick in customer satisfaction 


A leading fintech and wealth management company was unable to scale testing to meet customer demands or their own quality standards.

Globally, they support over 19,000 clients and 1 million merchants with retail and institutional banking, payments services, wealth management, and more. Because many large enterprises rely on this organization for financial services, even a tiny bug or a brief amount of downtime could have a huge implication for the company’s reputation and revenue streams.

For their core banking systems, the number of test cases grew quickly as the company pushed for higher-quality client apps as well investment into GDPR and regional financial compliance. At the same time, an organization-wide transformation to Agile meant there was less time and fewer team members available to rigorously test applications before every release.

Adding to this complexity, the testing, development, and business teams were distributed across Europe and Asia – leading to delays due to slow translation and knowledge transfer, as well as simple miscommunications.


For their EMEA region, the organization adopted Leapwork alongside an API testing tool to cover their core banking platform and securities trading system.

Previously, regression testing took an entire team 3-4 weeks, and due to the number and complexity of test cases, the full regression suite was executed 2-3 times per year. With Leapwork in place, those same tests are executed once a week – over the weekend, with no human time required. More than that, Leapwork’s no-code visual automation approach means that the QA team and business users sitting in the regional headquarters can build and maintain their tests independently – no more miscommunications and slow translations between teams around the world.

“The manager of the team is saying that these achievements are the pride of the department”
Senior Software Test Analyst

Now, bugs are caught early before new functionality and updates are released to clients, many of whom have reported a dramatic increase in satisfaction with the company’s products. With so much time saved, the team can invest their energy in serving the marketplace with better applications.

“We have been hearing from Customer Success Managers that clients are happier and happier with the product.”
Senior Software Test Analyst



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