Customer Use Case

Global retailer uses Leapwork to test in-store Point of Sale systems

  • Hardware POS Hardware
  • Android Android
  • Desktop Desktop
  • Retail Retail
Automation type
  • Functional Testing Functional testing


Key Results

  • 9-week sprints reduced to 3 weeks
  • 25% reduction in bug count 
  • 90% of manual tests automated 


Spurred on by the pandemic and a boom in online shopping, retail companies around the world are growing their online presences and investing in new technologies to improve the in-store shopping experience.

One of the biggest challenges for a Leapwork retail customer was ensuring adequate test coverage for their point-of-sale hardware and shop utility devices, used in over 700 stores globally. Manual testing took too long, and code-based testing tools weren’t scalable. Testers were unable to keep up with the growing testing scope and it was difficult to stay agile in such a rapidly changing marketplace.

To accelerate their release schedule and ensure stability, particularly over peak periods, this retail customer needed to eliminate bottlenecks with their development team and reduce test maintenance.


The organization now uses Leapwork to automate regression testing for their in-store Point of Sale platform and tablets used by employees. Built on Windows and SQL, the digital till platform is used to look up products, count stock, process customer orders, and accept payments in multiple formats.

“We really liked the look of Leapwork. It is codeless. It made sense”
Automation Specialist

Leapwork helped the retailer to convert labor-intensive manual testing into automated tests, which has reduced sprint time and led to faster detection of errors. Efficient quality control empowers the team to accelerate new ideas into the release cycle while minimizing downtime for these essential, revenue-driving Point of Sale systems. 

“We are more responsive, and our cycle time is down, which means we can do more releases in a calendar year”
Test Lead, In-Store Domain

Success with Leapwork in the in-store domain has led to an expansion of automation across other areas of business. This includes RSL, Warehouse, CRM, HR, Finance, Directory Credit and Ecommerce.

Ecommerce whitepaper

Whitepaper: Automated testing for ecommerce platforms

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  • How to find the right test automation tool
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