Leapwork Customer Success Story

Bestseller Ramps Up With Test Automation in Record Time


Bestseller is a clothing and accessories company with 20 fashion brands, including Jack & Jones, Selected, Vero Moda, and ONLY. They manage nearly 9,000 shops worldwide, along with their e-commerce store.

In their previous testing approach, Bestseller faced significant challenges. Testing was mostly done manually, which was slow and costly. Bestseller made various attempts with test automation, but it didn't yield the desired results.

The main test automation challenges included:

  • The test automation tool was complex and unable to test machines or offline agents, so it couldn't test the POS system and validate the quality of the product at stores.
  • The test automation tool lacked the capability to test offline systems and devices, hindering the ability to thoroughly validate the system's performance in real-world scenarios.
  • The reliance on a single person to maintain and manage the test automation tool posed a risk to the project's stability and continuity, especially in the event of the individual's departure or reduced availability.

“The setup was too technical and not owned by the functional people. Going through our old test cases now, we could see that we lacked necessary variations. Functional users can lay out all these variations and conduct end-to-end tests for specific processes. That was a barrier we had when we had only technical people using our automation tool.”

Jacob Poulsen, Dynamics 365 F&O and Commerce Technical Specialist, Bestseller


Bestseller selected Leapwork due to its visual platform with fast ramp-up time. Also, Leapwork came recommended by Microsoft.

Leapwork’s platform allowed for end-to-end testing, including the POS platform, which had previously been a heavy lift for the testing team. 

Bestseller shifted from testing isolated functions to testing full customer experiences through true end-to-end testing, enabled by Leapwork's cross-technology testing capabilities. 

Leapwork’s visual platform gives Bestseller a comprehensive overview of their test automation landscape. This insight facilitated the removal of redundant flows, significantly reducing the number of test flows and optimizing processes.

Within three months, Bestseller was able to start testing real cases, including edge cases, and speed up the release process. With new found confidence, Bestseller expanded adoption outside of D365 and discovered various new opportunities for test automation.

"We did it even faster than expected. With very few training sessions, we were flying. And that was really impressive compared to the old tool that we have worked with for so many years, and we actually didn't know the product. It's the speed of the implementation, the speed of everything that we love." 

Kim Guldager, Product Owner IT Retail, Bestseller


Despite being a new Leapwork customer, Bestseller has already experienced several positive outcomes.

The team built 110 test cases, 120 common subflows, and 15 integrations within three months. Five functional users are now utilizing Leapwork, with plans to expand testing to e-commerce and POS.

In essence, Leapwork’s visual platform enabled Bestseller to democratize testing. Through simple visual language and reusable elements or subflows, Bestseller’s functional users can easily perform and maintain testing, reducing the reliance on technical resources and streamlining the automation process.

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About the customer

  • Industry: Retail
  • Size: 18,000 employees

Use cases 

    • Testing Dynamics 365 end-to-end including e-commerce and POS
    • Management of Microsoft's releases that impact critical business processes

Key statistics 

  • 90-day ramp-up
  • Migrated ~700 test flows
  • Built 110 new test cases 

“I know our investment will pay off big time. We will boost quality and be able to deliver even more functionalities to the business."

Kim Guldager, Product Owner IT Retail, Bestseller

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