Leapwork Customer Success Story

Mattress Firm Enhances its Operational Efficiency and Customer Experience


Mattress Firm consistently strives to enhance the experiences of its millions of customers. This translates into company initiatives aimed at improving the customer experience and rigorous quality assurance testing across the entire customer journey.

At the heart of Mattress Firm’s operations lies Microsoft Dynamics 365, a critical system that ties together all their business applications. Its smooth functioning is crucial; any disruption can directly affect customer satisfaction and the company’s revenue. Continuous, thorough testing is necessary to ensure the system supports the customer journey from start to finish.

However, prior to Leapwork, Mattress Firm was encountering significant hurdles with their testing strategy for the Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations component. Despite dedicating a year to developing automated test cases using the platform’s built-in tool, the outcomes didn't meet their expectations. This led them to reluctantly return to manual testing, costing them efficiency.



After seeing no positive ROI with the previous tool, Mattress Firm called upon partner Illumina Technology Solutions to find a new test automation platform.

The main requirements were testing end-to-end across core business applications (from point of sale to delivery), integration compatibility, and rapid value delivery. Leapwork's user-friendly visual platform met all these needs.

“Leapwork natively tests every aspect of Dynamics 365. We have yet to find something that Leapwork can’t automate.”

Andrew Alpert, SVP Solutions & Services, Illumina Technology Solutions



Through Leapwork, Mattress Firm automated all priority test scenarios for monthly releases within the first 90 days.

By speeding up testing through automation, Leapwork has helped Mattress Firm manage the volume of testing and even accelerate development by adding more capabilities per release. Its latest release included 55 new fixes, features, and enhancements, a 175% increase from the last pre-Leapwork release. 

Mattress Firm has now improved the customer point-of-sale (POS) experience, which was one of its annual objectives.

“One of our big initiatives at the beginning of the year was getting faster checkout times. Since working with Leapwork, we’ve been able to reduce checkout times by 20%. People are now excited about test automation which is pretty cool.”

Tanya Cruse, VP ERP Systems, Mattress Firm

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About the customer

Use case

  • End-to-end Dynamics 365 testing, including integration layer and 3rd party apps

Key achievements

  • 90-day ramp-up time
  • 175% increase in product enhancements (from 22 to 55 per release)
  • 80-90% reduction in manual testing
  • 20% faster checkout times

“Leapwork really reduces the cost of ownership, essentially freeing up key time for our business users to innovate by adopting newer features within Dynamics 365."

Gokul Ramesh,

Senior Director, Dynamics 365, Microsoft

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