Leapwork Customer Success Story

How a Retail Giant Boosted Regression Testing Speed by 800%


One of the largest food retailers uses a delivery portal application in all its locations. This application is business-critical so it needs to be thoroughly tested.

Before Leapwork, the project had three manual testers to keep up with bi-weekly releases. Running tests, maintenance, and knowledge-sharing between the testing team was time-consuming. Manual regression testing alone was eating up 120 hours per release.

The customer had tried to automate testing using a custom framework and developer-dependent tools. They struggled to find technical resources to manage the tools, and work was done by external developers in isolation, so tests needed to be validated again by functional users.


The food retailer chose Leapwork due to its cross-technology capabilities and no-code approach. Leapwork opened the door to testing for functional users in the organization.

“Leapwork is user-friendly and easy to learn for everyone. Technical and non-technical. Everyone can log in, build, and see the executions. It also has customized features for all types of applications, so you can do a lot with it.”
– Customer Testing Consultant

Leapwork revolutionized the customer’s testing methodology by introducing a modular approach to building test cases. This meant that test case creation and maintenance could be sped up significantly.

The food retailer can now execute its entire regression testing suite in less than two hours, offering the flexibility for more frequent and comprehensive testing.


After only 60 days on the project, which included two weeks of training with Leapwork, one tester successfully automated the first regression suite​.

Now, the customer has automated over 30 end-to-end test cases and is on track to save 377 hours of testing time annually. This allows the team to allocate more resources to other projects and increase the scope of test cases.

Thanks to Leapwork, the food retailer can now execute the regression suite in less than 2 hours, a significant improvement from the previous 16 hours per cycle. This efficiency enables the team to conduct tests more frequently and extensively as needed.

Having successfully automated the regression test cases for this use case, the customer is gearing up to roll out Leapwork across the entire organization.

“We are in the process of training 10 Leapwork experts in a centralized hub. This will allow us to effectively roll out Leapwork across the entire group.” 
– Customer Application Development Expert

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About the customer

  • Industry: Retail

Use cases 

  • End-to-end regression testing of delivery portal application (including 2 web-based data management applications)

Key achievements

  • 30+ end-to-end test cases automated
  • 377 hours saved per year
  • 8x faster regression testing

“It’s given us more confidence in the application because we can quickly run regression tests whenever we want. You can schedule them to run automatically every week or trigger them on demand when we have a new release."

Customer Quality Assurance Consultant

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