ServiceNow Training

See out-the-box ServiceNow automation in action

1. Opening ServiceNow instance

Learn how to use a standard automation component for opening a browser and navigating to the correct instance of ServiceNow.

2. Logging in to ServiceNow

The "SCN Login" standard component is used for handling the login to ServiceNow, which is used in practically any ServiceNow process.

3. Clicking menu item in ServiceNow

A common ServiceNow operation is to click an item in the left menu. Learn how to automate that process with a standard ServiceNow component.

4. Impersonating user in ServiceNow

User impersonation is a time-consuming task when testing ServiceNow. We've created a standard component for automating that process.

5. Automating forms in ServiceNow

This tutorial combines several standard components for automating a more complex ServiceNow process: Creating a change request. 

Out-of-the-box ServiceNow automation

Start automating with LEAPWORK’s standard ServiceNow components, used in the tutorials. They are freely available for all users.