In this Service Release, we have made the following updates:

  • Implementation of OAuth 2.0 authentication for sending emails. This feature will allow Leapwork users to send emails through systems which support OAuth 2.0 authentication, such as Exchange Online in Office 365. Admin users can toggle between the existing SMTP basic authentication and the OAuth authentication mechanism in their email settings

  • Option to restrict execution of PowerShell scripts. This feature will allow Admins to decide whether contributors should be able to create new or edit existing Powershell scripts and execute them

  • Improvements in Native Mobile Automation, including the ability to edit locator strategies and Image Recognition in Native Mobile Automation

  • Improvements in browser extensions for both Edge and Chrome browsers

  • Support for Chrome/Edge driver v108


What next? 

Before you upgrade, please review our 2022.2 upgrade guide and plan accordingly. 

If you have any questions, contact your Customer Success Manager or speak to one of our Automation Specialists via the website chat. 

Download Leapwork Version 2022.2.1025

How We Release

Feature Releases

Major releases are typically released two to three times a year. The latest major release is 2022.2.

Bug Fixes and Patches

Minor updates, bug fixes, and patches are bundled together for release when ready.

Release Frequency

We aim to publish service release updates about once a month.

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