Version 2022.2 upgrade guide

If you are upgrading to Leapwork Version 2022.2, there are major changes to the database which you should review and plan your upgrade accordingly.


Implementation of new features in 2022.2 has resulted in major updates to the Leapwork Windows platform database structure/data. During the upgrade process, all existing flows including their revision history will be updated by the upgrader script. The upgrade process is expected to take some time depending on the database size.

For instance, a database upgrade is expected to take approximately 5 mins for 10 GB and up to 3 hours for 1 TB database size. Until the database upgrade is complete, users will continue to see an "Assets are upgrading" message on the Leapwork Studio.


Therefore, to ensure the best possible upgrade experience, please follow the steps below:

1) Ensure data backup

The 2022.2 release introduces a significant change to the Leapwork database (both platform and enterprise versions). Part of the upgrade to the new version is the web blocks upgrader which changes layout and logic in Start Web Browser block for all flows and revision history.

Take full backup of the Leapwork database before proceeding with the upgrade. Following articles should help you with the steps required for taking full backup:

2) Download and install 2022.2

Once you've gone through all previous steps of the upgrade guide and taken the required actions, you are ready for the actual installation of version 2022.2.

Download the latest version of the Leapwork installer and complete the installation steps on Studio, Controller and Agent servers. Start the Leapwork Studio and wait until the database is upgraded in the backend, and you see the Leapwork Studio home screen. Don’t interrupt the controller and database until the database is successfully upgraded.

For any clarification, please use our technical support function on the website to speak with one of our automation specialists, or contact your Customer Success Manager.