It's here. Introducing visual automation for mobile apps.

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Native mobile applications power people and businesses. At the touch of a button. So we’ve made it easier to keep yours working the way you - and your users - want them to. Provide a first-class app experience for anyone, anywhere.

But it’s not just our new native mobile capabilities that we think you will love.

In this release, we have made changes that will slash the time it takes to execute web automation, and regular browser updates will no longer cause maintenance headaches.

We’ve also made it easier for global teams to work together; for SAP and Salesforce customers to succeed with automation, and so much more.

So, whether you’re responsible for native mobile or web applications (or anything beyond), use Leapwork to become more efficient, effective, and in control. Success is a mindset. A visual approach helps you get there.


Please note: this release includes some major changes to the database. Before you make the upgrade, please review our upgrade guide and plan accordingly! 


Highlights of this release include:

Visual automation for native mobile applications: diversify who can contribute towards automation; delight users with apps that lead the way.

Chrome and Edge plugins that remove the pain of browser updates: radically reduce maintenance. Speed up testing. Become more agile.

New APIs: audit logs, schedules, and filter data by teams, then run on a secure HTTPs protocol. Make informed decisions. Ensure your enterprise teams have total visibility of what is happening, when, and by whom.

Enhanced support for SAP: Be more productive even in complex environments. Work easily with tables and data. Super fast. Super reliable.


And there's more ...

  • Salesforce automation improvements that reduce the maintenance burden
  • Search and filter easily through complex “execution logs”
  • Proxy configurations for Leapwork Agents
  • Support for Active Directory Forest
  • Improved support for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365 F&O)

Altogether, we are introducing 800+ new items!



Ready. Set. Go.

Welcome to visual automation for mobile apps. iOS and Android.

We know native mobile apps are important. Really important, in fact.

They enable truck drivers to track deliveries and provide patients with the ability to access prescriptions. They give sales teams an on-the-go way to enter new leads, and allow global consumers to use payment solutions, listen to music, and shop.

For anyone responsible for a native mobile app, our new capabilities are for you.


When you work with mobile apps, you know how important the user experience is. Whether the end users are your fellow employees or your customers, you can now enable the people who really understand what good looks like to apply that knowledge to build, maintain, and scale test automation. For any mobile application.

Native mobile capabilities 1

We have introduced new native mobile blocks and a mobile smart recorder, to make it easier and quicker to automate native mobile tests. No coding required. No difficult, technical interfaces to navigate.

Run your tests on premise or via the Cloud on any combination of device, Operating System, or browser with our HeadSpin integration. Works with iOS and Android devices. Native mobile automation has never been easier.

Available for our Platform and Enterprise customers.


From fuss to focus.

New Chrome and Edge plugins for web automation. 

Execution time has been halved. And we have removed the pain of Chromium browser updates. Forever.


We always want to make web automation easier, faster, and more robust. With our new plugins, we have done just that.


In the past, browser updates from Chrome and Edge have meant our customers might need to update their browser across potentially hundreds of machines and agents. That can be time-consuming!

We have added new plugins for Chrome and Edge under the hood, so while you won’t see anything different in the UI, you will certainly feel it. Now, when Chrome or Edge update their browsers, your tests will work just as before. No need to change anything. Faster execution with no interruptions.

Don’t worry, if you upgrade to this release we won’t automatically switch your web tests to this new approach.

The flows you’ve already created will still work. You can choose to make the switch to this new approach at your own speed.

Change flows one-by-one, or use our bulk update feature to make the switch all at once.



Integrate. Integrate. Integrate.

New APIs for a better overview of what's happening, when, and by who.

When you work in an enterprise environment - with potentially hundreds of users - things can get complicated. With our new APIs, we are making it easier to access the right information at the right time. Get a better overview. Feel equipped to make great decisions.

Our new APIs:

  • Teams API: now you can specify which Team’s information you want to retrieve via the API

  • Audit log API: retrieve and process audit logs automatically, for security and compliance reasons

  • Schedules API: users can access the details of any schedule associated with a Leapwork runlist

With 2022.2, you also now have a more secure way to access the Leapwork API, through an HTTPs protocol.



Kill complexity.

SAP enhancements that make it easy to work with tables and data. Super fast, super reliable. 

For us, the name of the game is to simplify things that are normally complicated.

In 2022.2, we have improved our support for SAP by making it much more straightforward to work with data in SAP tables. And when tables and grids consist of hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of rows, this is an important update for our SAP customers.

You can now use Leapwork to capture entire tables, read through the data iteratively, and reuse it with our new SAP building blocks. Simple.



Create. Flow. Go.

Improved Salesforce support, for peace of mind that your tests will just work.


In 2022.2, we have made “under the hood” improvements for our Salesforce customers.

Now, you can use our smart recorder to create tests that will work immediately with the latest version of Salesforce. You don’t need to edit the Leapwork strategy. Things will just work as expected.

Build faster. Less maintenance. More peace of mind.



See the wood from the trees.

Introducing support for AD Forest. A productivity boost for anyone responsible for onboarding users in an enterprise environment.

With our Active Directory (AD) Forest feature, we have made it easier to add users from across your organization, regardless of the domain they work in.

All they need is a trust relationship configured in AD Forest, and they are good to go.



Multiple teams across different geographical locations? No problem.

Proxy configurations for Leapwork Agents. 

Many of our customers have global teams, based across different continents. This means potentially hundreds of computers all associated with different proxy servers.

With this release, global teams can now work more flexibly by using their own proxy. Simply set configurations on an Agent-by-Agent basis. You can also use a Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) file.



Additional improvements and changes:

  • D365 Finance and Operations improvements: utilize the Set Web Dropdown option in Leapwork

  • Search and filter easily through complex “multiple and extensive execution logs

  • Enable contributors to get run and schedule IDs for their automated tests

  • Now, only admin users can delete or rename frozen runlists

  • Users can locate retired flows in the navigation pane

  • '-' will now replace the version number when Leapwork creates its own version of a flow. All the flows in version history are now sorted by date.

  • If a user tries to freeze a runlist, they will now be told if there are disabled flows in the runlist

  • You can see a block’s full name when you hover over it with your cursor

  • A new option to divide flows on Agents, and check if an Agent is available (or not) when reserving it

  • Gecko drivers can make IPv6 connectivity with Firefox

  • Updated support for Chrome and Edge versions 103

  • Improved support for applications that are built with modern tech stacks that run on dynamically generated classes, such as React and Angular



What next? 

Importantly, our 2022.2 release includes some major  changes to the database. Before you upgrade, please review our 2022.2 upgrade guide and plan accordingly. 

Download Leapwork Version 2022.2.467

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