In this service release, we have made it easier to manage hundreds of users - often in federated teams - across an enterprise. Plus enhancements for a smoother experience in Dynamics 365 F&O, web automation, and beyond.


Highlights of this release include:

Integrate LDAP with Leapwork: authenticate and enable users across your organization. No double-work, less over-head, more control.

Active Directory improvements: spend less time managing users on Leapwork; auto-delete directly from your Active Directory.



Integrate LDAP with Leapwork

Reduce double-work for your ITOps administrators by enabling them to add, authenticate, and manage Leapwork users straight from a directory that follows an LDAP protocol.



Active Directory improvements

Ensure your overview of active Leapwork users is always accurate and reduce time associated with managing users. With this improvement to our AD integration, you can delete a user in Active Directory and know that it will be auto-removed from Leapwork too.

Please note: Leapwork customers will need to choose to integrate with either LDAP or Active Directory. 



Additional enhancements:

  • Improvements for Dynamics 365 F&O for an even smoother experience with dropdowns, radio buttons, sub-windows, check boxes and click actions
  • Introduced support for Chrome and Edge drivers, version 105
  • The run button will be enabled at all times for all users
  • Some users were seeing an error message when using the Start Web Browser block to launch FireFox. We’ve solved this
  • A more robust and accurate way to calculate the number of seats associated with a Leapwork license



What next? 

Before you upgrade, please review our 2022.2 upgrade guide and plan accordingly. 

Download Leapwork Version 2022.2.700

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