🚀 New Leapwork Version 2024.1.486 - Unleash the Power of Test Automation! 

We're excited to launch Version 2024.1.486, a Service Release enhancing your automation experience with new features, improved integrations, and significant updates for easier and more effective automation tasks. 

🌟What’s new? 

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Secure access with dynamic codes using the new Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) block. Bug Management and advanced importing in Azure Test Plans: Enhance bug management and streamline your testing processes with capabilities for direct bug creation and advanced importing of test plans based on area paths through the Leapwork interface.

Emergency Admin User: Boost your system's security with the upgraded Emergency Admin user account, now featuring enhanced security compliance. Originally established during Leapwork setup, it requires a new password for each session and follows stricter security policies. SAP GUI Enhancements: Enhance your SAP automation capabilities with compatibility for 64-bit SAP GUI 8.

🔧Bug Fixes & Technical Improvements: 

Mobile Enhancements in Leapwork: Elevate your mobile testing efficiency with the latest Appium version. Enjoy improved handling of mobile elements, enhanced video and recording accuracy, and upgraded Android automation compatibility.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Enhance your D365 experience with updated setting controls in BC and CE, including fixes for ComboBox and radio button settings. Enjoy corrected dropdown behavior in F&O for accurate value replacement and smoother operations. 

SAP Fiori Enhancements: Boost your SAP Fiori automation capabilities with our new dedicated adapter. This enhancement streamlines user interactions across various controls, ensuring robust and seamless automation workflows. 

Chrome/Edge Driver Updates: Updated Chrome/Edge drivers to version 121, 122, 123 and 124 for enhanced browser compatibility.  

Electron Enhancements: Boost element validation with key updates: a corrected typographical error in the "Start Electron Application" building block, improved scrolling functions in Visual Studio Code, and resolved interaction issues in recorded flows of Electron apps.

Usability Enhancements: Streamline your workflow with the updated Compare building block, now simpler and more user-friendly. Enjoy clearer and more consistent interactions, and experience smoother navigation across all platforms.

Security and Settings Adjustments in Leapwork: Boost your security and streamline your experience with the latest Jenkins LTS upgrade. This update enhances stability by preserving settings even when changes are canceled and improves Active Directory settings to prevent unwanted resets.

What next? 

These updates aim to enhance your experience with our platform, providing improved security, efficiency, and usability. We encourage you to explore these features and take advantage of the improvements in this release. Thank you for your continued support!

If you have any questions, contact your Customer Success Manager or speak to one of our Automation Specialists via the website chat. 

Happy automating! 🤖✨

Download Leapwork Version 2024.1.486

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