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Virtual automation

Learn how to automate Citrix, Remote desktop, MainFrame terminals etc. using the virtual automation tools in LEAPWORK.

Learn the basics

Automation of virtual applications, like applications running in a Citrix clkient or via Remote Desktop, requires the usage of Image and Text recognition functionality. In the lessons below learn how to easily build flow to automate your virtual applications.


1. Build a virtual desktop automation case, pt. I

The first lesson covers: How to create a project, how to create an automation case, how to add an image recognition building block, and how to capture an image on screen.


2. Build a virtual desktop automation case, pt. II

The second lesson is about adjusting the functionality of building blocks to fit specific requirements. Learn how to add more blocks, how to adjust clicking position, and much more.


3. Build a virtual desktop automation case, pt. III

The third lesson focuses on how to set up the pass and fail conditions of an automation case. Learn how to add Fail and Pass blocks, how to adjust block properties, and how to transfer values between blocks.


4. Build a virtual desktop automation case, pt. IV

Finally, learn how to run an automation case, how to verify the case run, and how to inspect logs. This lesson also includes some concluding tips and tricks.


5. Understand Scheduling and Reports

Learn how to set up and configure schedules, how to view results of automation cases in easy-to-use reports. This lesson also provides an overview of how to use dashboards.

The next steps...

Take the next small steps to learn how to automate all of your virtual desktop and applications.


Working with Images

Watch this video to learn how to find and capture images on the screen as part of a case.


Capture text on screen

Learn how to find and capture text form the screen using the text recognition tools in LEAPWORK.


Clicking on text and elements

Learn how to find and click elements and text on the screen.


Drive mouse actions

Point, click, hover! Watch this video to learn how to control the mouse as part of the flows.


Drive keyboard actions

Inserting text and handling special characters as part of your flows. This video will show you how.


Positions and Areas

Understand how to use positions and areas as part of your flows to make them faster and more robust.

Uses cases, Tips and Tricks

The following videos are an introductory course to the....


Working with forms and fields

This video shows how to use data from an Excel sheet to fill in values in a form.


How to handle dropdowns

Handling dropdowns as part of automation can be a pain. Get inspiration and solutions in this video.


Numbers & Variables

Watch this video to learn how to work with numbers and variables in Leaptest.


Login forms in Virtual Automation

Login is a typical first step in many applications. This video show s how to handle this.


Pressing the keys

Watch this video to learn how to keep a key pressed during other operations.


Get clipboard content

Using the clipboard to read and transfer data is a powerful feature in automation.


Use the clipboard to insert text

Use the clipboard to speed up the insertion of text in the application under automation.

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