SAP Automation Training

Build SAP automation flows that are reusable, scalable, and deliver lightning-fast execution, not matter how complex your SAP use case.

An introduction to SAP automation with Leapwork

Get an introduction to Leapwork's dedicated SAP capabilities and learn how to achieve lightning-fast automation.

Validating steps and data-driven SAP automation

Learn how to validate steps and drive SAP automation with data from external sources.

Automating complex SAP use cases

Here's how to automate SAP when you work with large amounts of data and cases that require extensive data processing.

Sub-flows, parameterization, and reusability

Sub-flows make it easier to maintain and scale automation. Find out how to use them in your SAP automation flows.

Web automation use cases

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Automating Salesforce

Automating ServiceNow

Automating Sitecore

More tutorials, guides, and articles

Solving common challenges in web automation

Learn to automate authentication, dynamic content, file uploads, and much more.

Setting up a Selenium Grid for parallel execution

Get started with Selenium Grid and run Leapwork test cases on your grid for increased coverage.

Automating different application types

Learn the difference between web, desktop UI, and virtual desktop automation

Run BrowserStack Local with Leapwork

Run BrowserStack locally by routing all requests from the browser through the local computer.

Parameterize capture criteria for web elements

There are instances where you want to be able to capture web elements using dynamic values.

The 'Run web JavaScript' building block

In some cases, you'll need the 'Run web JavaScript' component to make web automation work.

Run the same test case in multiple environments

Run some or all of your test cases against multiple environments for better quality assurance.