Be ready. Accelerate Microsoft's One Version updates

Microsoft's One Version initiative requires businesses to rethink their testing strategies. Leapwork, a strategic Microsoft test automation partner for Dynamics 365, is here to help.

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Move fast. Stay safe.

Starting now, Microsoft is transitioning from seven to just four service updates annually. This pivotal move is part of Microsoft's One Version initiative for Dynamics 365. Customers must stay updated to stay secure and compliant and get the most out of platform features.

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"Leapwork's no-code experience for test creation empowers a broader percentage of our customers to effectively implement automated testing. Enhancing the quality of their Microsoft Dynamics 365 service experience and lowering the total cost of ownership through Leapwork is a win-win opportunity."

Mike Ehrenberg

Mike Ehrenberg
Technical Fellow at Microsoft & CTO of
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications Group


You + Leapwork. Be the hero.

Microsoft D365 is core to customer experience and the business operations, applications, systems and data that drive it. Help your business by accelerating Microsoft One Version updates for Microsoft D365 and establishing scalable test automation best practices starting with Leapwork.

High quality and fast ROI

Build, maintain, and scale complex data-driven D365 test scenarios quickly and efficiently.

Easy for any user

Democratize test automation with a no-code visual experience for everyone, from engineers to business users.


Assure continuous quality across D365 and interdependent business processes, applications, and data.

Green right arrow Migrate from RSAT to Leapwork in seconds

Created in partnership with Microsoft, The RSAT to Leapwork Migration Tool provides a simple, easy way to migrate away from using RSAT for test automation of D365 Finance & Operations and on to the Leapwork Platform.

Screenshot of an RSAT code window and one of Leapwork's much more friendly visual interface

Leapwork really reduces the cost of ownership, essentially freeing up key time for our business users to innovate by adopting newer features within Dynamics 365.

Gokul Ramesh, Senior Director, Dynamics 365

Thanks to Leapwork, we've significantly enhanced our testing maturity, focusing on creating value while minimizing technical debt. Leapwork has been a game-changer for us.

Dan Madden, Director of CRM

One of our big initiatives at the beginning of the year was getting faster checkout times. Since working with Leapwork, we've been able to reduce checkout times by 20%. People are now excited about test automation which is pretty cool.

Tanya Cruse, VP ERP Systems