Most automation tools fail at testing Salesforce. Leapwork doesn’t

From Salesforce Classic to Lightning. You can test both. Even integrations. All with the same tool. 

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Why Leapwork
and Saleforce

Made for Salesforce. Robust tests that work with dynamic UI’s, a heavy DOM, and complex HTML.

You don’t need to be a coder to
de-code Salesforce test automation. Faster onboarding. Better productivity.

The lowest maintenance. We find the dynamic elements in Salesforce’s UI, so you don’t have to.

The same visual approach.
Across all your enterprise applications.

Automate-recording Intelligent_Field_Recognition_Salesforce Reusable-subflows Leapwork_Features_Drive_Data Spin_Up_Cloud_Salesforce Technologies Plugins
  • Flow easily from one step to the next with our cross-technology smart recorder. Then sit back and watch Leapwork transform them into visual automated tests. 

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  • Heavy DOM structures and dynamic UIs make it nearly impossible to build stable tests in Salesforce.

    Leapwork’s solved that. 

    Intelligent field recognition automatically picks up changes under the hood without human intervention. Even if you reload a page. 

  • Don’t start from scratch every time. Turn common steps into reusable sub-flows.
    Meaning less maintenance. Fewer development bottlenecks. Much happier teams.

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  • Loop through rows. Call APIs. Write to databases. Validate data across your IT systems. And use the results live.

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  • Struggling to find why a test failed in the heavy DOM structure of Salesforce? Quickly find the what and the why in three ways: video recordings, data-level insights, and activity logs.

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  • Testing on multiple physical devices will be a thing of the past. All your tests can be spun up on the Cloud provider you work with or through local machines or remote computers.

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  • Testing on multiple physical devices will be a thing of the past. All your tests can be spun up on the Cloud provider you work with or through local machines or remote computers.

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  • We use REST API. It makes us compatible with the most common DevOps tools and orchestrators you already use in your CI/CD pipeline. 

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    Use our chat, and find out in seconds.

More reasons to use Leapwork

Work smarter

Tired of manually testing Salesforce? With Leapwork, people with different skills and expertise can automate.

Less technical debt

No more piles of technical debt. With Leapwork, you can automate your regression tests with ease. Even your longest Salesforce forms.

Breeze through seasonal releases

Ramp up automation coverage, fast. Whether it’s a Seasonal Release, an integration, or a third-party application. 

Validate data

Verify that data is updated or synchronized between Salesforce and other platforms, systems and databases.

Deliver customizations on time

We can handle even the most complex customization in Salesforce. All without writing a single line of code. 

Test end-to-end

Test across your entire IT infrastructure. From web, desktop, mobile, virtual, cloud and legacy systems. 

“We’ve reduced our testing time from 2 weeks to one night.”

Nasir Vaid, Director of Release Management, Tyler Technologies

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Our core functionality supports secure and seamless adoption. Whatever the size of your organization. Store your data with MS SQL and SQLite, and have it encrypted to industry standards.


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All the gritty details

Learn all about Leapwork. From architecture to deployment. It's all here in our technical documentation library. Architecture, installation requirements, licensing, deployment, administration, and more. 


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