Test automation maintenance that’s manageable

Keep high test maintenance to a minimum. Leapwork’s tech adapters, test strategies, hypervisual debugging capabilities, and reusable components make it a robust and low maintenance solution for any application.

Developers don’t have to spend their day job supporting testing

Users can ramp up in just 30 days

QA teams can support fast time to market while reducing errors in-production 

How Leapwork test automation maintenance works

Your automated tests won’t break easily, even when you work with complex technologies with heavy DOMs and dynamic IDs. 

Leapwork has tech adaptors and test strategies that operate behind the scenes to give you a robust solution that doesn't break with every change.

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If a test fails, pinpoint the exact moment the test broke through three methods: a video log of the test run, a debug version of a test case, and an activity log. 

Our hypervisual approach to software debugging helps you get to the root of the cause, faster.

See our documentation on software debugging →


Easily turn your test cases into reusable components for common tests. You can reuse the same test as many times as you need, like logging into an application. And they can be updated and maintained in the same place.

See our documentation on sub-flows


More than just a test automation tool

Leapwork’s powerful features empower businesses to do more with less. Test automation that makes you more productive, release faster, reduce risk, and deliver higher quality software. 

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Safe in our hands

Our core functionality supports secure and seamless adoption. Whatever the size of your organization. Store your data with MS SQL and SQLite, and have it encrypted to industry standards.


With you every step of the way

You're not alone. Expert test automation support, at every stage of your journey. You'll have 24/7 access to our specialists, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager too. 


All the gritty details

Learn all about Leapwork. From architecture to deployment. It's all here in our technical documentation library. Architecture, installation requirements, licensing, deployment, administration, and more. 


Frequently asked test automation maintenance questions

What is test maintenance?

Test automation requires upkeep so that test cases continue to work whenever a code change takes place to your software under test. Some test automation is more robust than others, meaning there is less test automation maintenance. Others require maintenance with every change to your software. 

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What are some test maintenance best practices?

There are lots of steps you can take to keep test maintenance low. However, the test automation tool that you are using will dictate the level of maintenance required. Adopting a visual test automation tool can help to limit most of the maintenance burden. 

Uncover four more test maintenance best practices