A New AI Mindset For
Test Automation

Build, maintain and scale automation faster with our AI-powered visual test automation platform.

Are you prepared for Microsoft's One Version updates?

Leapwork is a strategic Microsoft partner and test automation leader that you can trust to ensure your business stays ahead in the evolving D365 landscape.

"Leapwork's no-code experience for test creation empowers a broader percentage of our customers to effectively implement automated testing."

Mike Ehrenberg
Technical Fellow at Microsoft & CTO of
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications Group



Automate across all applications and technologies.

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Build automation easily with our visual and intuitive platform

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Incredibly powerful

Let AI guide your QA for less maintenance and more ROI

You’re in good company
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Not your average
test automation software


days average ramp
up time


less time spent on
manual  testing


ROI first 12 months

Embrace your entire
Quality Assurance journey

Manage, plan, document, execute, and report while breaking down silos with your software development teams.

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  • Validate core AI algorithms and create effective data-driven tests faster.

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  • Automate functional UI tests with our smart recorder. As simple as clicking on a UI element to capture and define an element. Then sit back and watch your test cases become flows.

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  • Don’t start from scratch every time. Turn common steps into reusable sub-flows. Meaning less maintenance. Fewer development bottlenecks. Much happier teams.

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  • Struggling to find why a test failed? Quickly find the what and the why in three ways: video recordings, data-level insights, and activity logs.

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  • Testing on multiple physical devices will be a thing of the past. All your tests can be spun up on the Cloud provider you work with or through local machines or remote computers.

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  • One platform. Any application. We work across technologies so you can scale your test automation. From web, to Windows and virtual desktops.

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  • Test earlier. Get feedback faster. Enhance your testing with our integrations to any CI/CD orchestration tool.

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Automate across all
applications and technologies


Turning risk into opportunity with test automation for Dynamics 365

Test every Proactive Quality and Service Update with schedules and triggers to reduce bugs and minimize risk. We strip away complexity and keep maintenance to a minimum.

"Thanks to Leapwork we've been able to move up the maturity scale by focusing on value creation, less technical debt, and more drivers that'll change this organization."

Dan Madden
Director of CRM, Ascensus


Most automation tools fail at testing Salesforce. Leapwork doesn’t

Crumbling under the pressure of mounting customizations? With Leapwork, it’s a thing of the past. From Salesforce Classic to Lightning. You can test both. Even integrations. All with the same tool.

“Our deployment is now a first-class citizen in our development process. We have happier customers because we can deliver things faster, and happier managers too because there are fewer problems.”

Salesforce Enterprise Architect
US manufacturer and commercial goods retailer


SAP test automation you don’t have to stress about

A dedicated SAP recorder that works with SAP GUI. No matter how complex your SAP automation requirements are, we’ve got you covered. Reduce costs and improve efficiency by increasing the speed and accuracy of SAP testing activities - without the need to code.


Make sure legacy Mainframes don’t get in the way of innovation

With automation from Leapwork, Mainframe green screen-driven organizations can ramp up the modernization process and accelerate delivery of best-in-class digital services - without the risk of disrupting business continuity or compromising data integrity.

Psst - you can even validate data against Salesforce or any other system you’re working with.

“The ROI is a no-brainer.”

David Pound
Head of Lending Technology, Investec


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Powerful technology.
Real results.


“Technical Debt is a silent killer of innovation, and thanks to Leapwork we have been able to move up the maturity scale by focusing on value driving projects”

Dan Madden, Director of CRM

With you every step of the way

From day 0 to using Leapwork on the regular. Our QA and testing engineers have been where you are and will always have a solution up their sleeve. Anytime. Anywhere. You’ll be up and running in no time.

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Anytime. anywhere

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Explore Leapwork’s end-to-end platform



All of the power of Selenium with none of the bottlenecks.


Easily test responsive and mobile web applications on simulated or real devices.


Automate across business critical systems, easily.

Virtual Desktop

Automate any application in a virtual environment with powerful image recognition.

Recognized company vision and innovation


North American Software Testing Awards