Unlock a new mindset for test automation

Test automation that’s faster, easier, and scales across your entire team and tech stack.

Built on a completely visual platform that you just need eyes to understand.

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A beautifully simple way to automate complex tests

Discover the features that give teams an easy way to automate tests across your organization. 

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How we give the green light

Human first

We help teams connect and thrive by pushing the limits of intuitive technology

We make it easy to scale and maintain automation across teams, no matter their technical background. From human to human.

Adapting to change and working agile has never been easier.

human first

Smart working

We make space for innovation by automating the boring stuff

Do what you do best, and automate the rest. Let your organization be its most productive and operationally efficient self.

Focusing on value-creation has never been easier.

smart working

Business trust

We create shared understanding by downloading everyone’s knowledge with ease

Breeze beyond bottlenecks, fix bugs fast and minimize downtime. Automate testing across the entire user journey, no matter your tech stack. Be disruptive, not disrupted.

business trust

Peace of mind

We help teams take the next leap by equipping them with confidence

Let business critical incidents be a thing of the past. Protect your brand perception and keep customers happy. And most importantly - evolve quicker than your competition.

peace of mind

What do you want to automate?

Most automation tools fail at testing Salesforce. Leapwork doesn’t

Does the dynamic code and frequent Salesforce release cycles have you scrambling? Crumbling under the pressure of mounting customizations? With Leapwork, it’s a thing of the past. 

From Salesforce Classic to Lightning. You can test both. Even integrations. All with the same tool. 

Bonus: we’re a Salesforce Ventures portfolio company.

SAP test automation you don’t have to stress about

A dedicated SAP recorder that works with SAP GUI. Ready to help you migrate to S/4 HANA. 

No matter how complex your SAP automation requirements, we’ve got you covered.
Expect the expected, and ditch the unexpected.

Turning risk into opportunity with test automation for Dynamics

With frequent updates to core applications and integrations to manage, life as a Dynamics-driven organization isn’t always easy. 

Leapwork is with you every migration and release wave to strip away complexity and keep maintenance to a minimum.  

Never roll back a change in Dynamics again.

Bye bye messy mainframe test automation

With Leapwork, mainframe green screen driven organizations can make sure legacy doesn’t get in the way of innovation. Added bonus: You don’t have to worry about disrupting business continuity or compromising data integrity. 

Psst - you can even validate data against Salesforce or any other system you’re working with. 

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We’ve done it before


“We’ve reduced our testing time from 2 weeks to one night”

Nasir Vaid,
Director of Release Management

Supporting you every step of the way

From day 0 to using Leapwork on the regular. Our QA and test engineers have been where you are and will always have a solution up their sleeve. From live chat to customer support, you’ll be up and running in no time


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