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Learn about the features that make LEAPWORK the easiest test automation platform to use on the market.

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“We have achieved a level of test coverage that’s not possible with alternative tools on the market”

Claes-Jan Wolff, IT Architect at GF Forsikring


Visual, no-code automation

The fastest learning curve on the market

The universal, visual language of flowcharts, rather than scripts, lie at the heart of LEAPWORK's test automation platform. Use visual, drag-and-drop building blocks to build test automation without writing a single line of code, so you and your team can implement and benefit from automation faster.

Smart recording

For rapid automation coverage

LEAPWORK's smart recording capabilities put the power of automation into everybody's hands. Capture processes in context, validate steps and input data where it's needed, then watch LEAPWORK transform your case into an automation flow - automatically.



Manage large volumes of data, easily

Run tests and automated business processes with input from spreadsheets, databases, and web services.

Call external sources through APIs and HTTP requests, and use the results live.

Enter data sources and dynamic values with visual connectors to instruct LEAPWORK to iterate through records of data while repeating the steps of test cases.


Parallel execution

Robust and secure execution across multiple machines

You can run automation flows in multiple environments at once and reduce test execution time.

Set up environments and schedule your test automation and RPA flows to run anytime, anywhere.

With our new Windows login and logout capabilities, you no longer have to keep a machine alive to execute automation. You can also start testing single-sign on (SSO) scenarios with ease.

Advanced scheduler

Better visibility. More control. 

LEAPWORK's scheduler enables you to run flows day and night, and in parallel. Run them on local, remote and virtual machines, in closed networks, and in the cloud.

The scheduler doesn’t just give you granular control, it also provides total visibility of your automation calendar. Get accurate time estimates for scheduled flows and an overview of your resources, so you can optimize and plan easily.


Analytics and Reporting

Easier troubleshooting and error identification

Test runs are documented in three ways: A video recording of the entire run, a debug version of your design canvas, and an activity log with debug information. All three are correlated and can be inspected simultaneously.

LEAPWORK also comes with in-built exception reporting as well as integrations with Power BI and Tableau for advanced data visualization and easier management of automation at scale.


Seamless CI/CD integration

With the REST API, DevOps can easily script any part of LEAPWORK in their language of choice and thereby integrate seamlessly with other systems of any kind. LEAPWORK also comes with ready-to-use plugins for most common DevOps tools and orchestrators.


Security and trust


Encrypted data storage


Full access control


Comprehensive audit logs


“LEAPWORK’s UI automation and capture functionality are perfect for me as tester. I can automate even parameterized tests without writing code.”

Prachi Sakar, Test Engineer at JF Hillebrand

Intuitive yet powerful.

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