Automatically Read Data from Forms in Dynamics 365

Kasper Fehrend

Senior Product Evangelist at Leapwork

This tutorial shows you how to automatically read and verify data from Dynamics applications with the Leapwork Automation Platform.

With Leapwork, we have a couple of different options when we want to verify that a field contains specific information. The first option is to perform a Compare operation, the other is to use built-in filtering in Leapwork's Get Web Text operation. The latter allows us to specify if the text found meets certain criteria. For example, if the text found contains a specific word or phrase.

For verifying data from dropdown menus, Leapwork comes with a Get Web Dropdown building block. Besides just returning the text part of a dropdown item, this component can also return the index of a selected item or the value, or ID, behind the item in question. 


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