Automatically Find Items in Dynamics 365 Lists

Kasper Fehrend

Senior Product Evangelist at Leapwork

This tutorial covers how to automatically find items and data entries in the many lists and views in Dynamics 365. 

The tutorial will also walk you through how to work with locator strategies and re-usable components when automating Dynamics with Leapwork.




A locator strategy is the definition and conditions by which Leapwork uniquely identifies an element after it has been captured as part of an automation flow.

In Dynamics 365, Leapwork can identify individual elements using different properties - or a combination of properties. For example, a field can be identified by the name of the field, a link by the destination of the link, or a menu item can be identified simply by the text in the item. A locator strategy can be edited as you like to improve your automation design. 

When automating looking up items in Dynamics 365 with Leapwork, you have the option of inputting values dynamically from spreadsheets, databases, web services, and other sources.

The automation example covered in the tutorial contains reusable components, or sub-flows they are called in LE. Sub-flows Leapwork be reused across any number of automation flows, which lowers maintenance workload and speeds up the design process.

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