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Leapwork Tutorials

Automating Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Apps

See out-the-box Dynamics automation in action


1. Automated Login to Dynamics 365

This tutorial covers how to automate the login to Dynamics 365 using a component that you can download to your local Leapwork installation.


2. Automating Forms in Dynamics 365

In this tutorial, we will look at how to generate new data in Dynamics by automating a form consisting of different field types.


3. Automatically Read Data in Dynamics 365

This tutorial shows you how to automatically read and verify data from Dynamics applications with the Leapwork Automation Platform.


4. Automatically Finding Items in Dynamics Lists

This tutorial covers how to automatically find items and data entries in the many lists and views in Dynamics 365. 


5. Data-Driven Automation of Dynamics 365

This tutorial covers how to automatically fill in forms in Dynamics 365 using an external data source to create multiple data entries in no time.

Out-of-the-box Dynamics automation

Start automating with Leapwork's standard Dynamics components, used in the tutorials. They are freely available for all users.

Automate your Dynamics application

Try the Leapwork Automation Platform for yourself or book a specialist for a product demonstration.

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