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The LEAPWORK Automation Platform is an all-in-one productivity tool for automating repetitive processes, from product testing to business verification. Users can build and execute automation cases from day one with the flowchart-based designer.

Never type a single line of code

The LEAPWORK Automation Platform lets both technical and non-technical specialists design automation flows, without ever typing or reading a single line of code – and then execute cases with the click of a button.

Automate across functions and systems

With the LEAPWORK Automation Platform, subject matter experts can rid their work of tedious tasks and collaborate on process automation regardless of the technologies in use.

Automation for any application,
across technologies


Automate growing workloads of functional testing throughout the release pipeline to let testers focus on product improvement.

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Build and collaborate on automation cases for your core business applications across functions and departments.

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Monitor system health of your critical applications and processes around the clock both locally and remotely.

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Fully featured automation platform

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Technologies supported

ERP systems

CRM systems

Web browsers

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Operating systems

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Legacy systems

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