Seamlessly automate tests across applications

Leapwork uses the same visual approach across your applications - you can test across technologies and integrations to cover entire business processes end-to-end.

Build automated tests in minutes

Remove the maintenance burden

Scale quickly for maximum coverage

Why Leapwork for cross application test automation?

Finding test automation that works across your application landscape isn’t always easy. Selenium only works on web, and other vendors require complicated code workarounds.

With Leapwork, it’s different. 

We give you the assurance that your processes will work across your technology landscape. With the fastest time to value on the market, you can release at speed, improve the customer experience, and create more effective teams.


“Leapwork has helped build our confidence in the releases that we send out to our customers and, in turn, it's also increased the confidence that our customers have in us."

Mikkel Storm, Senior Director of Product

“It is much more user friendly to use Leapwork than other tools. In other tools, you have to be a hardcore developer to be able to create flows"

Ken Graham, Director,

How Leapwork automates tests across applications

Leapwork doesn’t require you to code to be able to automate across applications. You design your tests using flowcharts.

Think of them like building blocks that you cobble together to create an automated test.

They’re easy to understand and use, so your organization can get started without having to learn how to code or rely on external consultants.


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What applications can you automate with Leapwork?

Web Applications

All web technologies are supported with Leapwork's Selenium engine and built-in IE add-on.

See our web test automation  ↗

Desktop Applications

Leapwork supports automation for desktop applications built in anything from C++, Microsoft.NET, to Java.

See our desktop test automation  ↗

Mobile Web

Automate and test mobile web apps across browsers, operating systems and devices.

See our mobile web test automation  ↗

Virtual Desktop

Automate applications in a virtual environment, for example Citrix or mainframe applications.

See our virtual desktop test automation ↗

See our full suite of test automation capabilities

What do you want to automate?

Automate across your entire technology stack. Whether it’s a legacy system or a cloud application like Salesforce, we’ve got you. 

Dynamics test automation software
Salesforce test automation software
SAP test automation software
Mainframe test automation software
Oracle test automation software
ServiceNow test automation software
Citrix Test Automation software

What industry are you in?

What are your industry peers up to? See the value of test automation in actions. 

Banking and Financial Services Test Automation software
Banking and Financial Services
Retail and Ecommerce Test Automation software
Retail and Ecommerce
Telecoms Test Automation software
Healthcare and Life Sciences Test Automation software
Healthcare and Life Sciences
Manufacturing Test Automation software
Logistics and Transportation Test Automation software
Logistics and Transportation

What solutions are you using?

Want to implement regression testing? Or CI/CD? We show you the green light for test automation. Imagine that…

Application Monitering
Application Monitoring
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Regression Testing
End To End Testing
End-to-end test automation
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Agile test automation
Continuous Testing
Continuous test automation
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DevOps test automation
Functional Ul
Functional UI test automation