Streamline testing with Leapwork's automation solution

Leapwork visual test automation solution removes the need to code, so you can ramp up quickly and support a faster time to market. 

checkmark iconGet ramped up with automation in less than 30 days

checkmark iconSpend 90% less time on manual testing

checkmark iconExpect a 5x ROI within the first 12 months

Robust & easy to maintain

You don't have to spend unnecessary time fixing broken test automation. 

End-to-end automation

We work across your entire technology stack.

Dedicated support

Our customer success team helps you identify and reach your strategic goals.

Why users adopt our test automation solution

Writing and maintaining test automation with traditional solutions takes a lot of time and effort, blocking progress. Leapwork is different. 

  • Assurance that your processes will work, across your technology landscape
  • The fastest time to value on the market - under 30 days
  • Quickly scale for high test coverage
  • Minimize the risk of errors that cause downtime
  • Ship better software to your customers


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How Leapwork’s test automation solution works

Leapwork gives users a visual way to build and maintain automated tests. Use the recorder to take us through steps in a process, then watch Leapwork translate those steps into a flowchart. Each building block in the flowchart represents a step in the process. 

See it for yourself. 


“Leapwork has helped build our confidence in the releases that we send out to our customers and, in turn, it's also increased the confidence that our customers have in us."

Mikkel Storm, Senior Director of Product

“It is much more user friendly to use Leapwork than other tools. In other tools, you have to be a hardcore developer to be able to create flows"

Ken Graham, Director,

What UI tests can Leapwork automate?

Agile test automation

Equipped to handle the agile nature of software development, so you can keep pace with agile delivery cycles. We use REST API, which makes us compatible with the CI/CD tool you use to get up and running quickly.

See our agile test automation solution

End-to-end test automation

From simple login scenarios, to complex test cases such as validating process orders, our solution ensures that your applications work end-to-end, across technologies.

See our end-to-end test automation solution

Regression test automation

Leave tedious manual regression testing in the past. Leapwork’s test automation solution gives you the confidence that your applications run smoothly after every release or customization.

See our regression test automation solution

DevOps test automation

We fit right into your existing DevOps workflows. We work coherently with ALM and DevOps tools and orchestrators, from Jira and Visure to Azure DevOps.

See our DevOps test automation solution

Continuous test automation

Enable more people to automate and remove the common barriers to successful continuous automation.

See our continuous test automation solution

Functional automated UI testing

We help you automate testing and ensure your applications work. We’re designed to handle complex UI testing scenarios, so you can be sure that your products meet QA standards.

See our functional automated UI testing solution

See our full suite of test automation capabilities

What do you want to automate?

Automate across your entire technology stack. Whether it’s a legacy system or a cloud application like Salesforce, we’ve got you. 

Dynamics test automation software
Salesforce test automation software
SAP test automation software
Mainframe test automation software
Oracle test automation software
ServiceNow test automation software
Citrix Test Automation software

What industry are you in?

What are your industry peers up to? See the value of test automation in actions. 

Banking and Financial Services Test Automation software
Banking and Financial Services
Retail and Ecommerce Test Automation software
Retail and Ecommerce
Telecoms Test Automation software
Healthcare and Life Sciences Test Automation software
Healthcare and Life Sciences
Manufacturing Test Automation software
Logistics and Transportation Test Automation software
Logistics and Transportation

What applications are you using?

We’ve got an automation recorder for every application you use.

Web Applications
Web Automation
Desktop Applications
Desktop Automation
Mobile Web
Mobile Web Automation
Virtual Desktop
Virtual Desktop Automation