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How to Automate Microsoft Dynamics: Test and Process Automation

For technical reasons, Microsoft Dynamics applications are difficult to automate. In this post, we will show how to easily automate processes in Dynamics, whether it is for testing purposes or for business automation.

Microsoft Dynamics is a widely used line of enterprise applications for practically any function in an organization, including sales, operations, customer service, and more.

This post demonstrates how to automate the CRM application of Microsoft Dynamics. Automating and testing Dynamics products with conventional automation tools and approaches pose some challenges because they rely on complicated technical implementations, such as using nested iframes to present content to users and dynamically changing the DOM after sending XHR requests behind the scenes.

Automating lead management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The video below walks you through how to perform automated testing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM by relying on flowchart-based web automation powered by the Selenium framework.


Automate Microsoft Dynamics with LEAPWORK

The LEAPWORK Automation Platform is ideal for automating Dynamics : 

Works with any version of Dynamics

Build automation for any version of Microsoft Dynamics, including cloud and on-premises clients, as well as customized applications.

Don’t worry about the underlying technology

Automate Dynamics without bothering with nested iframes, XHR requests, and other technical implementations.

Automated testing for system upgrades and more

Let automation agents run regression tests of business-critical processes, for example in relation to a Dynamics CRM system upgrade.

Build advanced flows across applications 

With the tool's comprehensive web and UI automation capabilities, you can automate tests and processes in, and across, Dynamics. Design automation flows visually with building blocks representing anything that happens in browsers and applications: Clicking elements, typing text, and much more. You can create reusable components on the fly and set up alternative flows for robust and reliable automation.

Learn more about LEAPWORK Web Automation.

Claus Topholt
Claus Topholt
CTO and co-founder of LEAPWORK.

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