How to Boost Productivity in Testing with Web Automation

Claus Topholt

CPO and co-founder of Leapwork

Are you doing web application testing with test automation? We're about to boost your productivity so much your boss will think you're cheating.

Every day across the internet, in Slack channels, in forums and on social media, people are asking the same question: Is there a way to test web applications with Selenium testing without wasting so many hours on programming?

The answer so far has been a resounding "no, but if you find one please let us know..."

We've worked very hard on a much better answer and we're there.

We've have complete support for Selenium WebDriver directly inside Leapwork. There's 20+ super-easy-to-use building blocks that can do anything from interacting effortlessly with web elements across nested iframes, using dropdowns and checkboxes, handling challenging DOM changes, XHR requests and much, much more.

You'll be able to run your tests across all operating systems and browser types supported by Sauce Labs, BrowserStack, LambdaTest or your own Selenium Grid.

All without you having to write a single line of code.

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