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Test automation strategy in 2022

Learn how to draft a cost-effective test automation strategy with a  result-oriented approach.

How to do Test Automation in Dynamics 365 at Speed

Learn how to automate Dynamics 365 tests with speed and confidence.

Comparison chart
Test automation tool comparison

See an evaluation of tools based on factors such as adoption time, maintenance load, supported applications, and ability to scale. 

Selenium for Salesforce automation

Get a basic understanding of the Selenium tools suite and find out what it offers, as well as its limitations for automating Salesforce. 

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Dynamics 365

Learn how you can test end-to-end at every Dynamics update and every product release


Learn how you can secure your Oracle-driven processes with reliable test automation


Learn how to reduce risk and accelerate delivery with the right test automation approach


Learn how to test, verify and automate Salesforce-driven processes easily


Learn how you can gain confidence in your ServiceNow processes with test automation


Learn how to unlock business agility in legacy systems with automated testing

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