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Decoding Automation Podcast: #1 'The No-Code Manifesto'

What motivates someone to write a manifesto? And why is it necessary to create one in the world of automation?

These are some of the questions that I ask Claus Topholt in this very first episode of Decoding Automation, a no-code podcast brought to you by LEAPWORK.


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Three years ago, Claus Topholt did the early prototype of the no-code automation platform that today is known as LEAPWORK.

LEAPWORK sought to change the way people looked at automation, both in RPA and test automation. They did so by building a robust and intuitive platform that would automate any interaction between a human and a computer.

Without writing a single line of code.

All the technology trends and challenges are pointing towards scriptless automation. So how is it that so many people are still skeptical about the no-code revolution? Is codeless automation really the future?

In this episode, you will learn about 'The No-Code Manifesto' and Claus' opinion about some of the most pressing questions in the automation industry:

  • Is no-code automation useful in test automation, where code is the common language in software development?
  • When you oversimplify processes, don't you lose something important along the way?
  • What if we reach a point in which everyone learns how to code? Wouldn't that solve the problem?

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Lucia Cavero-Baptista
Lucia Cavero-Baptista
Content Marketing Manager

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