Decoding Automation Podcast: #2 What are the requirements for successful automation?

Lucia Cavero-Baptista

Automation Expert

What are the key ingredients that will allow you, your team, and organization to create the perfect recipe for automation success?

Sune Engsig, Senior Evangelist at Leapwork, explains how governance, stable automation and having an 'automation mindset' are key requirements for successful and scalable test automation.



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Many people have the assumption that automation is just 'plug and play'. It's true that some tools, such as Leapwork, offer an intuitive user interface that makes automation easy. However, there are a lot of other prerequisites that need to be in place if we want to achieve successful automation in the long term. 

In this episode, Sune Engsig, who has years of experience with helping companies implement automation throughout their organizations,  brings with him a lot of knowledge when it comes to failed and successful automation projects.

  • How to get rid of the 'manual mindset'
  • Governance and the importance of an automation center of excellence
  • Automation maintenance and how to achieve stable automation
  • Scaling automation within the organization

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