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Decoding Automation Podcast: #3 Will AI Take Over Automation?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how is this technology used in automation? Listen to LEAPWORK's Decoding Automation podcast to find out.

AI has become one of the top priorities of any company moving towards digital transformation. However, many people are struggling to get started with it, and to implement the technology, due to unanswered questions, such as what does AI actually contribute with? And how can I use AI as a part of my existing automation efforts?

If this is you, listen to the podcast. If it sparks your interest, we also recommend you to watch our on-demand webinar on how to bring AI and automation together, where we go into further detail with this topic.

You can also listen to this podcast on iTunes or Spotify.

What you'll learn in this podcast episode

In this podcast episode, we talk to Florin Manole, LEAPWORK's Director of AI & Analytics, about all things AI, such as machine learning (ML), optical character recognition (OCR), and natural language processing (NLP). You'll learn about:

  • What AI is and what it can be used for
  • The differences between AI, RPA and automation
  • Types of AI technologies, such as OCR and NLP
  • Real-world use cases for AI and automation
  • AI-enabled automation tools
  • Hyperautomation and self-healing technology
  • How to implement AI in an organization

Download the User Guide to AI and Automation to learn more about this topic.

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