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Decoding Automation Podcast: #4 How to do Regression Testing Faster

The pace of software development has increased tremendously in recent years. Consumers not only expect fast updates and releases, but also high quality.

So how can we do regression testing faster while ensuring quality? Praveen Kumar, LEAPWORK’s Customer Success Director, answers this question in this episode.


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Development and QA teams face a lot of pressure to release faster and more frequently. With the economic downturn that has followed the corona crisis, the pressure to do more with less has only increased.

What's more, maintenance burdens, developer dependencies, and time restraints create even more bottlenecks and slow down the release cycle.

In this episode, Praveen Kumar, who has been working in QA for 14 years in large enterprise teams as well as SMEs, brings with him a lot of knowledge in manual and automated regression testing, so expect to learn more about:

  • Challenges in manual regression testing
  • Benefits of automated regression testing
  • Best approach when choosing an automation tool
  • Overcoming challenges in automated testing
  • AI and ML in regression testing
  • No-code automation in regression testing

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