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Decoding Automation Podcast: #5 How to Benefit from Test Automation and RPA, fast

Test automation and RPA are increasingly used by global businesses to boost productivity, contain costs and minimize risk. But how can you invest when budgets are tight and resources scarce, and how can you secure a fast return on that investment? 

In this episode of LEAPWORK's podcast Decoding Automation, Florin Manole and Sune Engsig, experts in automation, answer these questions.


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In this episode, LEAPWORK's automation experts, Florine Manole and Sune Engsig, share their experience from working with test automation and RPA in global enterprises.

Florin and Sune deal with countless businesses on a day to day basis to help them leverage the benefits of automating repetitive, tedious processes.

They talk about the differences and similarities between test automation and RPA, and share how, from a business perspective, you can benefit from these technologies.

They share an SAP business case where a process went from taking about 45 minutes to 2 minutes, and thereafter lay out the requirements for automation tools that will let businesses see these types of benefits, fast.

The podcast episode also touches on key trends such as no-code, low-code, citizen developers, and more.

In sum, you'll learn:

  • How automation can benefit businesses facing bottlenecks and budget caps
  • How you can trim off 40+ minutes off a single manual transaction by automating it (and scale it into the thousands)
  • Why no-code is essential for a fast ROI 

You can also listen to this podcast on iTunes and Spotify.


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