Decoding Automation Podcast: #6 How No-code Test Automation Closes the Skills Gap in Software Development

Maria Homann

Automation Expert

Test automation is a key part of becoming agile for software development teams, yet code-based automation solutions act as a barrier to agility due to the time and resources they require to use. So how can teams implement automation that enhances their agility despite limited time and resources?

In this episode of Leapwork's podcast Decoding Automation, Florin Manole, Product Director, and Walter Müller, Account Manager, answer this question.

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In this episode, we discuss the roles and responsibilities of testers and developers, and how those roles have changed over time - particularly with the introduction of test automation.

We talk about how skills gaps in software development have become a common issue, and how automation in some cases becomes a barrier to agile, instead of an enabler. 

No-code helps solve these issues, and Florin Manole and Walter Müller explain why.

The podcast episode also touches on topics such as citizen development, Shadow IT, scaling and maintainability, and more.

In sum, you'll learn:

  • How testers' roles have changed since test automation
  • What the consequences of skills gaps in software development are
  • Why no-code is essential for closing the skills gap
  • How no-code automation benefits businesses on the whole

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