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Dynamics 365 Automated Testing for Agile Teams

Good customer experience has never been more critical. With the Corona Crisis continuing to shape the way business is done, more and more businesses depend on quality user experiences to stay competitive. Particularly for the delivery of products and services that take place online.

Dynamics 365 Test Automation Tools: A Checklist

IT ecosystems of today’s enterprises are complex constellations. With technologies ranging from local desktop applications to virtual machines and cloud services, modern systems are often built of tens or hundreds of applications that, combined, serve as the vital organs for business-critical processes. 

How to Automate Dynamics 365: Use Cases and Tutorials

With the development of the Covid Crisis, there is an increasing pressure on businesses to do more with less. For businesses using Microsoft Dynamics 365, there are a range of opportunities for lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and reducing risk with automation.

Guide: How to do Test Automation in Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a widely used suite of enterprise applications for practically any function within customer engagement, finance, and operations. With frequent updates to the core and standard applications, Dynamics-users face a growing workload of continuously verifying thousands of business critical processes. There are lots of reasons why it can pay off to automate tests that involve Dynamics 365, which you'll learn about in this guide.  If you want to read this guide later or save it for reference, don't forget to download it below. If you're curious to learn more, watch our Dynamics 365 webinar on demand to find out how you can automate your tests.

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