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Can You Use Selenium to Test Mainframes?

Selenium is one of the most popular open-source testing tools on the market. Many choose Selenium when starting out with automation because it’s free and has a large user-community. It’s no wonder that mainframe testers also ask if Selenium can be used to test their mainframe applications.

Mainframe Testing: Why Now is the Time to Automate

Today’s fluctuating and increasingly uncertain market requires businesses to do more with less, while still staying competitive by providing high quality user experiences and a fast time to market. 

Shift Left Testing for Mainframe: Why and How

Shift left testing is a frequently discussed topic in connection to mainframe testing. Its popularity has only grown along with the need to modernize the approach to testing mainframes. 

How to do Test Automation in Mainframes

There are many approaches to automating mainframes. However, these all start with uncovering what you can and should automate. Read on to learn which tests to automate for your mainframe.

Test Automation Tools for Mainframe Applications: What To Look For

Test automation for mainframes can be used to reduce risk and increase the efficiency of testing, allowing major organizations to deliver quality at speed. But how can you automate with only limited mainframe experts and resources and still achieve the desired advantages of test automation? Read on to find out. 

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