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To help you get started with LEAPWORK, we have build a ‘Samples’ project demonstrating various ways of building your test cases. The test cases in the “Samples” project give examples of how to use a lot of the building blocks and they also include tips&tricks for some basic test scenarios.

Install the ‘Samples’ project to your local LEAPWORK Studio

To add the ‘Samples’ project to your LEAPWORK Studio do the following:

  1. Download ‘’ from here.
  2. In LEAPWORK Studio create a new project, e.g. named “Samples”.
  3. Above the list of projects press “In-out”. This will show the import/export sub menu above the list of projects.
  4. Select the newly created project (‘Samples’) and click ‘Import’
  5. In the dialog select all test cases and press “Import”.
  6. The 6 sample cases are now imported. Press either Cancel or the cross in the upper-right corner to close the Import dialog.

Running the ‘Samples’ project on your local LEAPWORK Studio

In order to run the test cases in the ‘Samples’ project you might have to adjust a few elements in some of the test cases. LEAPWORK uses image recognition in some of the building blocks, and in some of the test samples test cases will contain images that don’t necessarily match your local desktop.

One example is the opening of a browser in the ‘Find LEGO on’ test case. It uses a ‘Click image’ building block to find and click the Chrome icon in the windows task bar. The image of the Chrome icon added to the building block, might not look exactly the same on your local desktop, so you need to capture a new and more correct image.

To do so, click the chrome icon to open the image menu and select ‘Capture new image’.

click the chrome icon to open the image menu

LEAPWORK Studio will minimize and let you capture a new image by dragging your mouse around the browser icon.

Leaptest Studio

That’s how easy it is!

In the ‘Samples’ project there are 2 test cases showing the usage of image recognition that you might need to adjust before running:

  • Find LEGO on
  • Move recycle bin

Description of test cases in ‘Samples’ project

The ‘Samples’ project contains the following example cases:

Find LEGO on

This test case demonstrates the basic concepts of LEAPWORK and shows the usage of various building blocks. A good starting point if you are new to LEAPWORK Studio.

Read data from Excel file

This samples test case demonstrates how to read and include data from an excel sheet in the test case. It also demonstrates how to iterate a data set and execute tests for each data row.

Move Recycle Bin

A very simple test case demonstrating how you can use LEAPWORK to easily automate testing of your windows applications.

Monitor web page

An example of using LEAPWORK to monitor a process. The test case demonstrates how to do a HTTP request in a test case and to send an e-mail based on the result of the response from the web server.

Open notepad

Automating Windows applications is easy using LEAPWORK. This test case gives a simple example of how to open a notepad, write some text and close the notepad again.


For some test scenarios it’s necessary to repeat particular actions, loop through data etc. This typically requires the usage of code based control structures. LEAPWORK is completely code-free, so this sample test case will demonstrate how to do a looping structure completely without a single line of code.