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Blue Water Shipping receives more than a thousand orders every day and at least two thirds of these are made through their online booking service. This makes it imperative that this application works as intended.

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After approximately five years of testing their online order system manually, Blue Water Shipping’s software development branch began looking into automating the regression testing of the application.

“Manual testing was just too repetitive and so boring,” said Ronni Sohl, one of the Test Managers involved.

Ronni Sohl started out automating tests by writing code with Selenium but soon realized the downside: The amount of code to be maintained and corrected just piled up.

I tried out other test automation tools as well, but they just came with too much hassle.

Sohl needed a tool that would take care of all the code underlying his automation flows, so he began experimenting with the LEAPWORK Automation Platform.

“I tried out other test automation tools as well, but they just came with too much hassle,” Sohl said.



Sohl’s suite of regression tests consisted of approximately 30 tests, and with LEAPWORK he was able to rebuild ten of them into a combined test flow.

Sohl estimated that he now spent half the time building test cases compared to building them with Selenium. A manual run of the test cases would take a full day, but with LEAPWORK this could now be done in 30 minutes. Running the tests with Selenium would take approximately 60 minutes. 

LEAPWORK is just visually very intuitive. The alternatives don’t provide that instantly clear flow of steps in a test case.

For order bookings, several variables needed verification, e.g. item number, cargo type,
transportation mode, etc. Sohl utilized the advanced data-driven capabilities of the LEAPWORK Automation Platform to build this kind of cases. By connecting a spreadsheet containing the data to LEAPWORK, the test case automatically pulled these data whenever executed.

“LEAPWORK is just visually very intuitive,” Sohl said. “The alternatives don’t provide that instantly clear flow of steps in a test case.”



After a successful pilot project of using LEAPWORK, Sohl and his colleagues now see great potential in automating testing across systems and technologies.

All departments in Blue Water Shipping, from Sales and Operations to IT and Finance, are in some way or other in contact with at least three systems with massive automation potential:

  • The customer-facing online order booking mentioned above
  • A web-based support system
  • A desktop-based transport management system, or TMS

These systems rely on different technologies and therefore come with different requirements to the capabilities of an automation tool: It must be able to handle web as well as desktop UI automation – and in some cases even automation of virtual desktops, e.g. Citrix applications.

Instead of spending a full week just regression testing, we could let LEAPWORK handle it with just a few clicks.

Sohl and the team see great potential for reaping productivity gains in automated testing of new versions of the systems. Updates to the online booking systems are released monthly, sometimes more often, whereas the support system and the TMS come with quarterly releases.

“With each new release, instead of spending a full week just regression testing, we could let LEAPWORK handle the testing with just a few clicks,” said Sohl who believes that building between ten and twenty test cases per system with LEAPWORK would help them meet their initial automation objective.

“LEAPWORK is helping us plant the seeds for further automation."


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About the customer

  • Blue Water Shipping
  • Logistics, shipping, and transportation
  • 60 offices worldwide
  • > 1,400 employees

Technologies automated

  • Customer-facing online order booking
  • A web-based support system 
  • A desktop-based transport management system

Key achievements

Blue Water Shipping uses the LEAPWORK Automation Platform for automating regression testing of a web-based order booking system.

  • Automation built twice as fast with LEAPWORK compared to Selenium coding
  • 1 full day of test execution reduced to 30 minutes
  • 20 annual system releases with automation potential

LEAPWORK is helping us plant the seeds for further automation.

Ronni Sohl,
Test Manager


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