Workflow Settings

In 'Workflow settings' you'll find the possibility of configuring:

  1. 1. Whether user will have the option to exclude “Ready for review” status for flows and sub-flows.

Whenever user select exclude “Ready for review” option he will not get an option to change the status of the flow or subflow from draft to “Ready for review”.


  1. 2. Whether to change the status of published flow and sub-flow. The recommended setting is “Change status to draft, including all published flows and sub-flows using this”: LEAPWORK will change the status to draft when user edit a published flow or sub-flow.


  1. 3. Whether you want to allow users to save changes to flows or sub-flow without having to leave a comment about the change. The recommended setting is “On each save and status change”: LEAPWORK will not let you save any changes in flows or sub-flows without adding a comment describing the committed change.


Note: Workflow settings would be available if you are logged in as an administrator.

By selecting “Never” radio button, no comments are required in order to save.