Retention Policies

These settings allow you to configure the data retention policies in LEAPWORK. Running a number of flows, for example every day, will produce an increasing amount of reporting data. In most cases, older data and especially reporting data about successful automation runs is not interesting after some time and can be deleted to reduce the need for disk space on the Controller machine.

Note: Retention policy settings would be available if you are logged in as an administrator.

You can define the retention policy in one of the following two ways:

  • How many days the LEAPWORK flow results should be preserved.
  • How many flow results are kept in the system at any time.

In addition, you have the option to combine these features by opting to delete videos of successful runs after only one hour. Since the video recordings are usually what takes up most disk space, deleting the recordings of successful runs is recommended. You find the setting for managing the option to delete videos of successful runs below the drop-down menu: