Default Flow Settings

The default flow settings define two things on Platform level:

  • If video recordings are made while flows run
  • The default timeout value to define for the entire flow

default flow settings

Default video

You can basically choose between video or no video of any the flow runs on the LEAPWORK Controller.

It is not recommended to choose “No video” here unless you are forced to do so, e.g. due to disk space concerns. To manage the disk usage efficiently, please read the information about the Retention policy settings.

The video recordings of the flows take up approximately 9 MB of disk-space per minute.

Default timeout

This property defines the default value for the maximum execution time for a flow. Per default this is set to 600 seconds, which means that all new flows will have the timeout value set to 600 seconds.

In case you have an excess of flows timing out consider increasing this value to change the default for all new flows.

LEAPWORK also offers timeout on a building block level. More about this in the Building Blocks documentation.